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Shoyce is the only Portuguese brand of soya beverages, with 100% national production.

Shoyce is also the only company with their own soya farms, which ensures an integral process of obtaining a selected, quality and totally non-transgenic raw material.

Another of Shoyce’s strong suits is in the area of development, which has enhanced the taste, texture and nutritional characteristics of our drinks in a natural way. At Shoyce, no new product is released until it meets all of our high quality requirements.


All this is done to ensure that, when opening a package of any Shoyce product, you will get a tasty, healthy and nutritious product .






Nutre’s development is based on agriculture, an activity that benefits from technological advancements and in the presence of a growing orientation towards alternative energy, it is crucial for the global supply of raw materials, thinking first in oil seeds, cereals and vegetable oils.


Nutre´s international market goal has led to a strong geographical expansion of its activity.
It is present in countries such as Romania, Portugal, Brazil and Angola, where projects of industrial nature and agricultural exploration are developed through contracting with local farmers, promoting the development of production and creating jobs in 3 continents.


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  • Shoyce

    Soys drink with calcium and protein doses equivalent to milk.

  • Aveia

    Uma inovadora bebida de aveia sem glúten e naturalmente sem lactose. Deliciosa de fácil digestão.

  • Arroz

    Excelente alternativa para quem procura uma boa fonte de fibra sem nenhum açúcar adicionado

  • Amêndoa

    Isenta de lactose, sem açúcares adicionados e livre glúten apresenta um sabor surpreendentemente suave.

  • Coco

    Delicioso e nutritivo, o coco tem conquistado milhares de adeptos de um estilo de vida saudável.

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