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Shoyce is a brand that cares for your health and quality of life. Its products are designed to make your life easier and respect the planet. Shoyce has chosen to offer you the best. If you still have questions, we’d be happy to help you.

All Shoyce products are plant-based, and are therefore naturally lactose-free. You can find this information on the labelling of each container.

Shoyce products contain no lactose and are especially well-tolerated by the digestive system. However, always ask for medical advice for your specific situation.

The most common and most well-known food intolerance is lactose intolerance and is related to a deficiency in the enzyme lactase. Lactase is produced in the digestive system and digests lactose, the naturally-occurring sugar found in dairy milk. If your body does not produce enough lactase, part of the lactose goes through the intestine undigested and can cause symptoms such as stomach upsets, nausea, diarrhoea, etc. The solution to this problem includes avoiding dairy milk and lactose, replacing these with plant-based alternatives such as Shoyce products. This type of intolerance to milk (lactose) is different from an allergy to dairy milk protein. Dairy milk protein can act as an allergen, causing an immune response that can be more or less severe, depending on the person. Not all allergies are lifelong, especially in children. Such childhood allergies normally disappear between the ages of three and five. Allergies or intolerances may arise at any age, and have no cure. People who are lactose intolerant or are allergic to cow’s milk protein can find in Shoyce a great, everyday alternative to dairy products. If you think you may have had an allergic reaction or have serious symptoms for more than one day, you should speak to your family doctor immediately.

Shoyce products contain no ingredient or sub-product derived from dairy, therefore, contain no milk protein. Dairy milk protein can act as an allergen, causing an immune response that can be more or less severe, depending on the person. Not all allergies are lifelong, especially in children. Such childhood allergies normally disappear between the ages of three and five. Allergies or intolerances may arise at any age, and have no cure. People who are lactose intolerant or are allergic to cow’s milk protein can find in Shoyce a great, everyday alternative to dairy products. If you think you may have had an allergic reaction or have serious symptoms for more than one day, you should speak to your family doctor immediately.

Shoyce products are also gluten-free. You can find this information on the labelling of each container. For Shoyce Oat 0%, we make sure our ingredients are gluten-free at the point of supply. We also ensure that all our suppliers are certified and comply with all legal requirements.

As you might expect, all Shoyce products are naturally lactose-free and free from dairy milk protein, containing no traces of dairy products. Shoyce products are also gluten-free and you can find this information on the labelling of each container.

The list of ingredients on the packaging for Shoyce products shows potential allergens in bold. This is in compliance with EU REGULATION No 1169/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 25 October 2011 regarding the provision of consumer information on foodstuffs, which states that information on potential allergens must always be provided. The name of the allergenic substance or product must be highlighted using a typeface that will clearly distinguish it from the remaining ingredients in the list, e.g. the characters, the style or the background colour.

Nutre Industrias Alimentares S.A. has adopted a supplier and product approval procedure that requires all ingredients and raw materials to comply with current European legislation. We use tests in accredited laboratories to guarantee that our process includes no genetically-modified organisms.

Drinks containing sugar are sweetened only using cane sugar. However, as we believe that products without sugar are an asset, we are working hard so that in the near future all Shoyce products will contain no added sugars. There are a number of sugar-free options in the Shoyce portfolio.

We have a wide range of plant-based drinks, some of which have sugar added (i.e. during the production process) and some of which have no sugar added (i.e. any sugar is a naturally-occurring ingredient). Naturally-occurring sugar can be found in the ingredients of our cereal-based products, namely Rice 0%, Oats 0%, Walnut 0%, Coconut+ 0%, Quinoa 0%, Almond 0%, and Soya+ 0%. All sugars present in Shoyce products must be included in the nutritional table, whether the sugar has been added or not.

We use an enzyme process to extract the naturally-occurring sugar in each raw material. That’s why when you choose Shoyce, you are making a good choice. You can check this information on the labelling of each container.

The sodium content in Shoyce products comes from added sea salt. Sea salt is used in our products as a flavour enhancer.

Yes, Shoyce drinks contain calcium. The calcium is added during the production process, along with Vitamin D. In turn, Vitamin D aids in calcium absorption. You can find all the information you need, as well as the percentage recommended daily allowance of calcium, on each container.

Shoyce products, amely the plant-based drinks and plant-based alternatives to dairy yoghurt, contain at least 120 mg calcium per 100 ml, which is 15% of the recommended daily allowance for an adult (RDA = 800 mg / day). This is the same as the amount found in dairy products. However, you can double-check this information on the label of each container.

Carrageenan is a thickener that helps preserve certain foods and drinks. It is a vegetable-based ingredient extracted from seaweed. Some Shoyce products do contain carrageenan, such as the Shoyce Cuisine range or certain plant-based drinks, such as Shoyce Coconut+ 0%. However, you can find this information in the ingredients list on each container.

No. Shoyce products are free from Aspartame or any other artificial sweetener.

Yes, but only the Soya products. However, all Shoyce products are currently undergoing reformulation so that this ingredient may be removed from the list of ingredients in the near future.

No. Shoyce products do not contain palm oil. Despite the fact that it is a plant-based product, we have decided not to use it.

Shoyce products do not contain preservatives. Colouring agents are found only in the Shoyce Soya Vanilla drink formulation (beta carotene). However, the amount is negligible.

No. Shoyce products are caffeine-free and do not contain any other stimulants. However, there are residual amounts of caffeine in Shoyce Chocolate drink. Shoyce Chocolate includes fat-reduced cocoa among its ingredients (1.5 g per 100 ml), and this cocoa contains a residual amount of naturally-occurring caffeine.

No. The Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) we use in Shoyce products is produced through the fermentation of plant-based compounds. Vitamin B12 is involved in red blood cell production.

No. All vitamins used in Shoyce products go through a monitoring process to ensure the complete absence of animal-derived ingredients.

All Shoyce products are an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans. They contain no animal or animal-derived ingredients. All Shoyce products are approved by the European Vegetarian Union V-Label organisation. You can find this information on the labelling of each container.

All Shoyce products are plant-based, i.e. are free from any animal ingredients, including milk. You can find this information on the labelling of each container.

All Shoyce products are pasteurized. This gives the product a longer shelf-life.

Except for certain specific health conditions, there is no contraindication to the use of soya products during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, provided the rules of a balanced diet are followed: eat a range of foods, i.e. not eating from just one food group. For advice on an individual case, please check with your doctor for advice on diet and eating for your specific needs.

No, they are not intended for breast-fed infants and children under the age of 3.

Shoyce supports the view that diabetics should follow the same healthy eating guidelines as the general population, i.e. a diet low in fat (especially saturated fat), low in sugar and salt, with meals based on complex carbohydrates and rich in fruit and vegetables. Shoyce products are suitable as part of a balanced diet. However, some of our products, such as the flavoured drinks and those containing cocoa, may have a little more sugar. Always read the nutritional information provided and choose a low-sugar option such as Shoyce Soya+ 0%, for example. For more information on a diet suitable for diabetics, we recommend that you seek advice from your family doctor or dietitian.

Shoyce products are excellent alternatives to include in a healthy, cholesterol-controlling diet because they are plant-based products low in saturated fats, rich in high-quality vegetable protein, low in saturated fatty acids, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and naturally cholesterol-free. A diet based on plant-based products helps you to reduce consumption of saturated fats, which contributes to maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that including at least 25g soya protein per day as part of a diet low in saturated fats can help reduce cholesterol levels.

According to the ENSA Scientific Committee (www.ensa-eu.org), the possibility was raised that the low incidence of prostate cancer in Asian men might be due to the inclusion of soya foods in their usual diet. Indeed, studies looking into that possibility showed that men who regularly take soya products have a risk of prostate cancer that is 30% lower when compared to men not taking these products frequently. In these studies, men with a lower risk had two portions of soya foods each day.
Besides reducing the risk of prostate cancer, soya may be beneficial in men who already have the disease. Studies have shown that soya has a beneficial effect on prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels in patients with prostate cancer. PSA is a protein produced by the prostate gland and is used as a marker for prostate cancer.
Studies showed that in patients who have prostate cancer and have been treated unsuccessfully, taking approximately three portions of soya-containing foods delays the increase in PSA levels. Despite the mechanisms of action not being fully understood, scientists believe that the explanation behind soya reducing the risk of prostate cancer risk may lie with isoflavones, which are naturally present in soya.

Soya beans, like other plants, contain phytoestrogens. Isoflavones are one of the most widely studied phytoestrogens and are known to be antioxidants with different properties, much like many polyphenols we eat every day in fruits and vegetables. These help in controlling blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of prostate cancer, and can reduce cholesterol levels.

Within the Shoyce range, our soya drinks have the highest protein content per 100 ml. Soya drinks encourage the building of muscle mass during physical exercise thanks to their high plant-based protein content. Soya is also rich in complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, making it a plant-based option for a healthy, balanced diet. For vegetarians, vegans, and those who avoid or are allergic to dairy products, Shoyce products are an excellent option. However, check with a dietitian or personal trainer to find out about your specific circumstances.

These drinks may contain traces of soya because they are produced on the same production line. However, our strict cleaning procedures reduce the risk of cross-contamination to a minimum.
The decision to add the wording “may contain traces of soya, nuts…” to our labels was taken to keep our consumers informed of changes to our production.

The Shoyce portfolio includes a category of plant-based alternatives to dairy yoghurt (for eating and drinking). These products are plant-based preparations.

No. The plant-based alternatives to yoghurt are derived from plants. By definition, yoghurt is a curdled product obtained by fermenting milk exclusively using Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Shoyce fermented plant-based preparations are made using the same micro-organisms but without using any milk or dairy products.

For consumers looking for probiotic products free from any animal-derived ingredients, including dairy products, there is finally an option. Shoyce plant-based alternatives to yoghurt are plant-based fermented preparations made from soya (containing Bifidobacterium Lactis, L. acidophilus and live yoghurt yeasts (S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus)), rich in calcium and vitamins. These “friendly” bacteria help promote gut motility. Until now, there was no plant-based yoghurt that offered such a priobiotic effect, with a delicious taste and the creamy texture that people are looking for. Shoyce Plant-based Alternatives to Yoghurt are the ideal choice for a balanced diet and to maintain a healthy bowel. These are versatile choices that are great for consuming at home or anywhere else.

The main benefits of Shoyce products are linked to the fact that they are plant-based and free from any animal-derived ingredient. These products are naturally low in saturated fats, high in plant protein (for soya products), lactose-free and gluten-free, and therefore easy to digest.

Yes. We are the first and only producers of plant-based drinks and cooking creams in Portugal. In 2018, we decided to start making plant-based alternatives to dairy yoghurt, which means we are the first company in Portugal to manufacture this type of product.

The whole process for developing Shoyce products and the selection of the raw materials result in smooth, creamy and nutritious products that remind you of the texture of milk but contain no animal-derived ingredients whatsoever. That’s what makes Shoyce different.

Yes, the recipes are exactly the same, made using the same ingredients, and therefore have the same nutritional characteristics, being gluten-free, lactose-free, GMO-free and Vegan. The only difference is the size of the container.

Diets rich in plant-based products are known for their benefits to health and well-being because they are associated with foods that are low in fats, in particular saturated fats, which is particulary important for heart health. On the other hand, plant-based products have a high fibre content, are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is well-known that the high level of fibre normally present in these foods results in a greater feeling of satiety and satisfaction.
Some plant-based products, such as soya, nuts, and oats, play an important role in a cholesterol-control diet.
We should point out that it is not necessary to be a vegetarian to benefit from a diet based on plant-based products. There is no need to give up animal products completely, just adapt the portions you eat. Instead of choosing meals that centre on large portions of meat, try to start with plant-based foods and add small portions of fish, meat, or dairy products.
Fruit and vegetables are a major part of a diet based on plants. However, there are other wonderful foods that besides adding variety to your diet can contribute to a healthy intake of the nutrients we need. A diet supported by plant-based products includes: whole grains (energy and fibre); beans and legumes, including soya (protein); fruit and vegetables (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants); nuts and seeds (healthy fats).

Shoyce products are sold at any supermarket or hypermarket. Check at your local supermarket to make sure you can find Shoyce products.

Not yet. You can find our products at any supermarket in the country, across the various existing chains. If you have any questions about where to find our products, send an email to info@shoyce.pt.

We do not currently have an online store. If you are a modern consumer who loves to shop online, you can buy Shoyce directly from the online stores of the various supermarket chains in Portugal.

To become a part of the Shoyce family, send an email to info@shoyce.pt so we can send you all the information you need.

Check on http://shoyce.pt/en/onde-estamos/ or email info@shoyce.pt for the latest information.

At most supermarkets, shelf space is limited and store managers and employees often have trouble displaying all their products on the shelves available. But you can make a difference! Next time you go shopping, find a supermarket employee or go the information desk and explain that you would like to see a wider selection of Shoyce products. Don’t forget to ask you friends to do the same; when stores receive a number of requests, they tend to meet demand.

Shoyce drinks are excellent daily replacements for milk. They can be used in just the same way, with the advantage that when you choose Shoyce, you are choosing a plant-based product that is lactose-free and gluten-free. They are ideal to drink, have with cereal or use in your cooking. Shoyce plant-based drinks are a healthy, delicious choice that can be used at any time of day.

Yes. Shoyce products can be used just the same as dairy products, so you can replace dairy with Shoyce drinks and/or products.

Yes, Shoyce plant-based drinks can be heated just like milk can. They can be heated on the hob, in the microwave oven, or they can be used for gratin dishes, milky desserts, béchamel sauce and crêpe batter. Your imagination is the limit!

We advise against it. Although freezing does not affect the safety or nutritional value of Shoyceproducts, the texture can be affected after freezing.

Shoyce drinks are great in coffee. Shoyce will make your plant-based latte creamier. It’s all down to personal preference, but we recommend Shoyce Oats 0%, Rice 0%, Almond 0% or Walnut 0%. The advantage of these drinks is that they are naturally sweet so there is no need to add sugar! Need more reasons to try it?

Once opened, Shoyce drinks should be kept in the refrigerator and used within 3 days. You can find this information on the labelling of each container.

Yes, although the texture will not be identical to that of traditional “whipped cream”. The Shoyce Cuisine range is ideal as an ingredient in sweet or savoury dishes. You’ll be won over by how versatile it is.


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