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Shoyce is a Portuguese brand that was born to be part of your life. From plant-based drinks to plant-based cooking creams, without forgetting yoghurt alternatives, we offer you a wide array of tasty, healthy and nutritious plant-based products.

Shoyce is the only Portuguese brand producing 100% “made in Portugal” plant-based drinks.

A pioneer in ongoing innovation and in search of what its customers most want, Shoyce is supported by the experience and skills of the company it represents – White&Green. Here, the natural raw materials are prepared with full monitoring of the process to ensure the final product is the very best, always fresh, and free from GM ingredients.


White&Green is the only producer in Europe that makes plant-based products using live yeasts. Examples of this are the delicious plant-based alternatives to dairy yoghurt, Shoyce Greek Style Yoghurt and Shoyce Bidifus drink.

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Excellence is one of the most important values. That’s why Shoyce works every day to bring you healthier, tastier products. The Innovation and Development department is always looking to perfect the taste, the texture, and the nutritional characteristics of its products naturally, so we can offer you a wide range of products, each adapted to your requirements.

Discover our tasty Soya Drinks, nutritious Plant-Based Drinks, delicious dairy yoghurt Alternatives and a range of Plant-based Cooking Creams. Every time you open a packet of Shoyce, one thing’s for certain: you’ll find a food that’s healthy and full of flavour.


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